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Welcome to Grace-Full Life!! I may be new to this “growing old” season, but I had no idea pushing 65 would be so hard; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! And then 2020 came along! I thought I was ready for anything, but I wasn’t.

Aging does not have to isolate us, even in a pandemic so I decided to use this scary and crazy technology thing to bring some of us together to help each other make the most of this season of our lives and finish well. I want to finish well for my family, friends and community but most of all for Jesus and for the sake of His Gospel! We aren’t the first Christian women to face devastation like “A Year 2020”! History and the Bible are full of lives combating the very worst this sin cursed world can unveil.

During this time I have revived a style of studying the Bible specifically through the book of The Proverbs. This revamped blog is the result of my time in this wondrous book! It is so very practical in its daily application and so powerful in its presentation. I had forgotten just how much it promotes a Grace-Full Life in nearly every verse! I hope you will join me in searching the pages of The Proverbs! You can learn more of my love for The Proverbs HERE!

In the good old days, actually they weren’t all that good, but in the lives of my grandmothers and my mom, growing old wasn’t feared. The adage of “Grow old gracefully” was embraced and encouraged. Then the 60s happened and women fought back…against…everything. The decades since then have seen some good things change for women, I admit that, but one of the negative consequences of fighting against everything is that graciousness, kindness and gentleness are now looked at as signs of shameful weakness and oppression. But, I beg to differ!

I haven’t known any woman more courageous or strong than my grandmothers or my mom (and believe me my mom and I did not often see eye to eye!) as they journeyed through their senior years with grace and dignity. They were anything but weak or trodden upon. They were smart, well-read, tireless, quick witted (when you least expected it) and vivacious!

Each had their own challenging experiences in old age and daily they each meet those challenges head on within their own personalities and skill sets. By no means were they perfect, who is? But they trusted their Savior and loved their families and friends by placing others before themselves. They were kind, gentle, hospitable…full of grace…even in the frailty of their waning years. I realize now just how much they lived out Proverbs! I want to do that, too!

Growing old gracefully is not something to avoid, but rather something to embrace and strive for! This site is dedicated to discovering the beauty of gracious living and learning together just exactly how does a woman grow old gracefully?

Believing the Bible to be the authoritative Word of God, the foundation of all Truth, the devotionals presented here will be just that…devotion expressed to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and sharing His teachings on gracious living through the eyes of The Proverbs!

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Me (Cute Baby)  with my Sis, my Mom and my Paternal Grandmother
Thanks for joining me and I trust we will have some laughs together and I am sure we will cry too. But most of all, let’s see and hear and know ALL that God has for us as we long to hear His, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Luke 19:17

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