This Year…

My Birthday…

I will…

It’s that time again!  A new birthday to look forward to! Well, maybe not looking forward to the new birthday. We are getting older! Of course, we are or I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it! But do we really need another birthday to remind us of our age? And getting older!?

According to the Bible, we do! Maybe this is the year we all embrace our day of birth and really celebrate it! Whether we are going to be 80, 65, 41 or 21…birthdays should be reminders of God’s mercy and His GRACE!

So teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

When we live in denial about our birthdays or lie about our birthday age or grumble about our birthdays, we are really telling God (quite plainly I might add) that He made a mistake! We should not have been born the year we were born or the date we were born. We should not have been knit in our mother’s womb the way God desired to knit us (Psalm 139). We are accusing God of making one colossal timing miscue!

We are also telling God that we are not thankful for His mercy in giving us such-and-such many days on this Earth, which are commemorated on our birthdays. Like we really have anything so say about how many birthdays we shall have before we meet the Creator face to face!

Either we believe God is infinite and all-powerful and all-knowing and just “All”, the Alpha and Omega, The Great I Am OR we do NOT believe that. And if we say that we believe this then the very least, I mean the very least, we can do is thank God for our Birthday and everything that goes with birthdays! We should wake up on our birthdays and be refreshed with such vigor and expectation and wonder that we can’t hold it in, even if our bodies and minds are not quite what they used to be. Think Caleb and his request at 80 for a mountain for his inheritance!

So, I am  counting down the days to this upcoming birthday with expectancy and have a thankful heart for God’s abundant GRACE to me! You can join me in this thankful birthday attitude for your next birthday!

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